Here few kind words from our clients,Thank you for your support.

My girlfriend Rachel and I absolutely enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you very much

Janelle Schulz (cudo Voucher)
Thank you so much. Steve and I enjoyed our treatment!

Kelly Matheson(cudo voucher)

My sister and Iindulged ourselves with a Cudo packahe as a special treat.

Marcia was just wonderful and gave us a memorable relaxing 90min.We left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.We would recommend Marcia to anyone.Denise H

Excellent treatment so relaxed Adrienne H,police officer

Amazing exfoliation,so smooth afterwards & the  organic facial was wonderful! Nikki G Account

Marcia was amazing .I came in very stressed and walked out relaxed and re energised .the hot rock massage was my favourite.Anita G account manager

 Omg!!That was Brilliant Thank you sooo much!! Diane C care taker


The whole experience was delightful,Marcia was great .A very relaxing experience.Karleen C ,Sales support


Happy time-Lovely products,feeling soft and smooth.Debbie H ,officer menager


Wonderful experience,very relaxing highly raccommend ,thank you Courtney W ,public servant


Marcia –An absolute  Goddess! Cannot wait to come back.Thank you .Amy D.G,marketing menager


Feel relaxed &rejuvenated !Skin feels amazing.Looking forward to next massage .Linda L,producer menager


Beautiful! Products felt and smell great and I didn’t want it to end.I felt refreshed! Stephanie L.physiotherapist


Lovely reaxing and beautiful experience to be had with a good friend.Totally raccomended Jaenyn W ,student/artist


Really wonderful experience ,I went in there with a cold and left feeling very nurture and cared  plus my sinuses feel a bit clearer .all over, feel much better, thank you so much for making my weekend Ann Marie D, sales consultant

The tension just suddenly went way, the mostly relaxing rejuvenating experiences I ‘ve every had!Liza A, Administration officer

A constant strong pressure through the beginning till end ,beautiful and powerful,Natasha L ,Kinesiology practitioner.


I just wanted to say thank you sooo much for your service today. Also, thank you for the time extension and spending that extra time with me and working your magic. I feel great!
I'm so blessed that my aunty Karen Waldock gave me the pamper voucher to cheer me up, like i was saying to you, the universe works in mysterious ways. 
Thank you again and best wishes

Leisa Conde
Owner & Photographer
Mulberry Studios


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